How to debug memory usage of a JVM-based application

This is an article I wrote for Deliveroo Engineering discussing how to debug memory usage of a JVM-based application. Published on the company’s engineering blog.

January 8, 2019 · 1 min · Lim H.

The Hackathon Culture at Memrise Engineering

This is an article I wrote for Memrise Engineering discussing the Hackathon culture we had when I was there. Published on the company’s engineering blog.

July 17, 2017 · 1 min · Lim H.

Parser Combinator in Haskell vs. Regex in Python

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive comparison between the two styles of parsing, because parser combinator is certainly more powerful than plain regular expression, athough I have seen regular expressions that pretend to do just as much. Speaking of which, there is a recent story on Hacker News about an adventure in regex land which I highly recommend. The bad news is parser combinator isn’t part of the standard library in Python....

February 15, 2016 · 2 min · Lim H.

Reflection on Brent Yorgey's Haskell Class

I have just finished working through Brent Yorgey’s Haskell class. Although I skipped one week on I/O, or rather I switched to some other exercises, because I disliked that particular assignment, I have to say this is probably the best free Haskell guide for beginners on the Internet. 1. Roadmap Before: Admittedlly, before starting this course, I had read through Learn you a Haskell without attempting anycode. Needless to say, nothing really stuck....

December 23, 2015 · 2 min · Lim H.

So I got my own Lisp now (mostly)

Over the past week, I have been trying to work through Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours. Let’s first establish the fact that this book is awesome, because a free, comprehensive tutorial to write one’s own Lisp in Haskell practically spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Given my beginner’s background in Haskell and the fact that I haven’t touched Scheme since 2008, this exercise has helped me gain a new appreciation for both languages, especially Haskell....

December 20, 2015 · 2 min · Lim H.